Ghost Karen’s Kitchens: Benefits of having your food delivered

The advancement of technology provides various benefits that have the purpose of making people’s lives easier. A great example of this is food delivery. Thanks to collaborative ideas and the continuous evolution of technology, people are now able to order their favourite food from the comfort of their homes.

Here at Ghost Karen’s Kitchens, we recognize the importance of food delivery and it’s one of the biggest highlights of our restaurant. By delivering our food directly to your doorstep, we can help you satisfy your cravings without having you set foot outside! 

This is just one of the reasons why we encourage you to have your food delivered. If you want more reasons to persuade yourself, we have compiled some of the biggest benefits of having your food delivered. If you’re curious to learn more, keep reading!

Easier ordering process

Whether you’re an introvert or not, there’s no denying that ordering food at a restaurant can sometimes be stressful. Whether its because of shyness or the pressure that the waiter unintentionally puts on you when they’re waiting for you to make your order, ordering can be tough.

Thankfully, delivery services get rid of this awkward and stressful situation because you’ll be ordering from the comfort of your own home! If you’re ordering through a mobile app, you can freely browse through the restaurant’s menu on your time. You won’t have to worry about making the waiter wait because they’re not there with you.

If the process of talking is one of your worries, you can also rest easy knowing that you won’t have to stumble over your words as you pronounce some of the items on the menu. This is because all you have to do is tap on a few buttons on your phone and you’re done!

On the other hand, if you want your food delivered through a phone call, it would still be a lot less stressful than ordering in person and we’ll tell you why. When ordering at a physical restaurant, you’ll have to say your order on the spot meaning that you haven’t even got a good look at the menu before you speak to the waiter or the cashier.

When you’re getting food delivered by phone at home, you can browse the menu before calling. This way when you talk to the representative on the phone, you’ve already decided on what to order. You can either write down your order on a piece of paper or you can memorize it. If you’re ordering food with someone else, you can have him/her dictate the order to you as you speak to the representative on the phone.

You won’t have to worry about lines

One of the downsides of eating at a physical restaurant is that they have seating capacities that can easily get filled up, especially during rush hours. When this happens, you and your loved ones would have to patiently wait outside until your name gets called which won’t only ruin your dining experience but your appetite as well.

By having your food delivered at home, you won’t have to worry about going through this situation because you’ll be eating with your loved ones in the comfort of your home! Granted that you’d still have to wait for the food to be delivered to your doorstep but it won’t be as long and gruelling as watching and waiting for other people to finish their meal. 

Moreover, you won’t have to wait outside the restaurant because you’ll be sitting on your couch or even in your bedroom! You can pass time by playing video games, watching movies or TV shows and more and right before you know it, the food has already arrived.

We do recommend setting your table up beforehand so that all that’s left for you to do when the food arrives is to put everything in place.

This benefit also saves you from long lines in fast-food chains during rush hour. Sometimes, fast-food restaurants fail to do what they’ve set out to do which is perfectly normal considering the number of people eating at their restaurants. However, you shouldn’t suffer from this by standing in long lines as your tummy starts to growl.

You can monitor your bill

One of the most overlooked benefits of ordering food online is that you can track your bill in real-time. When you order by app, the total price of your cart will be updated automatically as you add different items from their menu.

This comes in handy because you won’t have to stumble through all of your pockets just to get the right amount of money. Instead, you can have the exact amount ready before the food comes which adds to the speedy process of ordering online. 

This is a huge step away from eating at a physical restaurant where you’d have to compute mentally for the total of your order which is sometimes impossible. Usually, you’ll just end up with a rough estimate of your order because you have to consider other factors such as service charges and tips.

Also, not knowing the total of your order while eating can sometimes be stressful for some people. If you’re one of those people, delivery services are the best option for you because you won’t have to make the mistake of going over your budget as you can track your expenses in real-time.

On the other hand, if you’re ordering by phone, you won’t be able to track your expenses in real-time. However, right as you finish ordering you’ll already know the total of your bill which is better than having to find out later when you and your loved ones have finished eating.

Multiple payment options

Another highlight that people love about food delivery services is the variety of payment options that they’re given. Although these modes of payment have been long introduced in physical restaurants, it’s still more convenient when they’re available for delivery options.

For example, when paying through cash on delivery, you can have the exact amount of money ready so that when the motorcycle rider arrives, they don’t have to give you your change. However, if you see the price of your order and you know that you don’t have the exact amount available, you can tell the phone operator beforehand. This way, they can advise the rider to bring a specific amount of change for your money.

As for other modes of payment such as debit or credit cards, it would be a lot easier and safer than having to input your PIN inside their restaurant. If you’re delivering through a mobile app, you can securely add your card details knowing that nobody’s watching you and that you’re safe from any kind of security breach.

If you’re not confident with the app’s security features, you can choose the option to not have your card details saved. However, this would require you to input your details every time you’re going to order through that app.

Variety of options

Getting food delivered to your home doesn’t only give you a variety of payment options but also the selection of food itself. When ordering food through mobile apps, you’ll gain access to the restaurant’s entire catalogue. There may be even some items listed there that you’ve never heard about before which you can now try thanks to this convenient service.

It’s always nice to have options and if you value this aspect, then food delivery service is a great option for you if you’re looking to buy food. This way you can thoroughly browse the menu and order the items that you want.

A safer way to eat

Because of the danger that the ongoing pandemic poses, people are encouraged to stay at home. Thankfully, you won’t have to miss out on your favourite and go-to comfort foods because you can have them delivered straight to your doorstep. This way, you can dine peacefully knowing that you’re away from any kind of life-threatening virus.

This benefit doesn’t only come in handy during the pandemic but in your everyday lives as well. When you feel hungry in the middle of the night, you don’t have to drive to the nearest restaurant and leave yourself prone to different kinds of crimes. Nighttime, particularly midnight, is when most crimes occur and as much as possible you’d want to be inside your house during this time.

You can satisfy your cravings

Have you ever experienced watching food videos on the internet then all of a sudden feel extremely hungry? Food delivery services can help you with that problem! By ordering food online, you can satisfy your cravings at any time of the day if the restaurant operates 24/7.

This comes in handy during those late-night cravings where you can’t sleep thinking about that one specific food because you don’t have to get up and head outside. Instead, all you have to do is tap a few buttons or call the restaurant and have the food delivered to you in less than an hour.

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